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One-week through twelve-week herbal protocols. Your Herbal Protocol is based on your Neuro-optic Analysis or your Next Level Freedom consultation.

Learn how to cleanse at the cellular level! Discover how the body eliminates cellular waste, inflammation, and congestion from the tissues of the body so you can experience a vibrant and joyful life!
A Neuro-optic Analysis reveals your inherent genetic constitution; the different organs, glands, and tissues of the body. This gives us a roadmap to what systems of the body would benefit from herbal and cleansing support.


Rita Jean is a certified Regenerative Detoxification Specialist, Iridologist, Life Coach, and Alignment Specialist. She studied at the International School of Regenerative Detoxification with Dr. Robert Morse. It’s her great pleasure to bring you these works, along with her own personal experience of regenerating herself from ten years of chronic pain into total freedom. She’s passionate about delivering people to their greatest goals, dreams, and joys because she has lived it.

Rita has been an incredible inspiration and a key piece of my own personal development. Her courage, dedication, and support are unmatched. Her desire to evolve to the best version of herself is infectious. I wouldn’t be where I am without her support, knowledge, and motivation. Thank you, Rita, you’re an amazing teacher. I’m honored to know you!

Lindsay Schauer

Head of Marketing. Mother. Avid Climber.

Rita! I have so much ENERGY! I wake up and go surfing. Then I work on the land for eight-plus hours. I eat some fruit and have some greens. Then I go on a  mountain bike ride, followed by dancing or hanging with friends. Then I sleep and repeat! Plus, I build bike trails, host events, and give business presentations on top.  I feel like my mental clarity, my emotional well-being, and my strength are off-the-hook! Everyone’s like, “what are you doing!” I’m like, “go talk to Rita!” Adam Lottig

Head of Agroforestry. Creator of Flow Farm Bike Trails. Avatar.

Oh, Rita, I’m feeling so lovely! I think my eyes are looking different. Is it possible they could change so fast? I feel more energy and stable than I’ve felt in years! Thank you, my dear. Rachel Devloo

Life Coach. Massage Therapist. Globe Trotter. Mother.



Costa Rica.

We’re just returning from an unreal experience and vacation in Costa Rica! So many powerful memories that will last a lifetime, the best fruit in the world, unlimited coconuts and coconut water daily, fresh juices, unreal raw food all week, sound healing, grounding, yoga, waterfalls, ocean, mountains, jungle, star-filled skies (with zero chemtrails I might add), ancient Aztec and crow Indian purification sweat lodge ceremony, herbal teas, permaculture hike, daily exercise, abundance in every way! I’ll share more soon (that’s just a fraction of it), this getaway was rest, relaxation, connecting with amazing people, pure energy in every form, opening up new energetic pathways and bringing circulation to areas that may have needed a nudge, cleansing and rejuvenating, purification at its finest! Joseph Andrews

What an AMAZING time! It was above and beyond any expectations I had by far! Absolutely Magical!!! ⚡️✨💫❤️

Joseph Andrews

This retreat was one of the most powerful experiences I have ever participated in. It provides an opportunity to surround yourself in loving kindness, and healing energy, while embarking on a journey with like-minded and open-hearted souls. You achieve deep connection to the earth, to each other, and to yourself through multi-modality exploration including nutrition, yoga, meditation, sound healing, and friendship. I would highly recommend this retreat to anyone interested in embracing and achieving their highest self through spiritual awakening, deep healing, connection, community, and everlasting empowerment. Dr. Lisa Hammond

Best trip of my life! 

Back home from one of the most magical trips I’ve ever been on. For 7 days we were planted back into what seemed like the Garden of Eden. Returning to our roots. Returning back to Nature. (How we should be living!) The purest land, air and people. The most amazing experiences that induced growth and transformation on so many levels. ⚡️Chakra balancing, crystal bowl sound healing, alignment yoga, sacred waterfalls, cacao ceremonies, permaculture lessons, hiking, ocean swimming, eating high vibrational foods from the land, drinking fresh coconut water daily, experiencing (& surviving all phases of) a ceremonial sweat lodge, creating everlasting friendships and most importantly getting to enjoy it with my favorite person. I am so grateful to have a man who is passionate about all the same things as I am. After a trip like that, we have both elevated to higher levels in terms of health, compassion, strength, and spirituality. As we return home, we are setting intentions to elevate higher, cleanse even more and reach new levels of health…together as a team! As we embark on yet another cleanse together I can’t seem to forget how we met for the first time a few years back. We both drove 3 hours to meet each other at an apple orchard to pick apples together. Those apples were used to juice for a colon cleanse that we did together. Even though we lived 5 hours apart, we supported each other from afar. I’m now a firm believer that couples who cleanse together stay together…and flourish beyond the realities we think we are restricted to.

Open up your heart to health and love and find your true potential! You will never regret the amazing gift of vitality that naturally returns when you provide to your body what it needs to thrive & eliminate the very things that cause us degeneration. We all have the choice to fill our lives with darkness or light.

I choose Light. Love. Life.

Lauren Nowell

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